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Daydream Bubble Parties
Foam Bubble Party

We are excited to announce a new line of party rental to create a DREAM party!  Foam Bubble parties will be loads of fun!   Like the Dreams with Themes slumber rentals, the foam bubble party will be available to rent for easy setup at your location!  Everything will be included to create great memories, laughs and great photos for birthdays, graduation parties, VBS, baby gender reveals, or any other celebration!


FAQ (Foam Bubble Party)

How does the party work?

For $349 you will be able to host the party of a lifetime! We will establish a party time with you and bring the party to you! It will take about 1.5 hrs to  for loads of fun! We will setup and cleanup! All we need is access to and outdoor water source and outdoor power within 75 feet of where the party will be! 


Is the solution harmful?

The solution doesn’t cause harm to eyes, skin or the environment.  It is strictly a foaming agent.


Does the solution leave stains?

No unless you get the colored solution.  There may be mild staining on clothing so be prepared for this.


Liability waiver?

There is a liability waiver that will need to be signed with pickup of the items to take responsibility for any damages as well as liability for guests utilizing the party machine.


How do I clean the foam area when I’m done?

Spray the area with water.


Is the foam slippery?

The foam when mixed properly is mildly slippery but about as slippery as water.  When running in wet grass, there is a risk of slipping, just as there is with the wet bubbles.


Where do I set it up?

It is recommended for a grassy area, not near a pool as the wind could blow some bubbles into pool.  


How long does the Super E Foam Machine take to set up?
It takes about 60 min to set up, and less than 15 min to breakdown.

How long does a package last?
The party will last for 1.5 hours


What do I need to provide to setup?

All you will need is a water source with a hose to allow you to fill up the 50 gallon drum or a 5 gallon bucket (depending on the method we use) to house the bubble mixture. (Drum provided).


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